Umarex Airguns
Umarex Airguns

Innovation is the driving force at Umarex®. Forward-thinking mentality has led to name-brand partnerships and the development of cutting-edge technology. Since 1972, Umarex has been a family-owned leader in firearm replicas. The “King of Replicas” represents well-known firearm brands such as Beretta®, Browning®, Colt®, GLOCK™, Heckler & Koch®, IWI, Ruger®, Smith & Wesson® and Walther®. Over the years, Umarex has become known worldwide thanks to the attention to detail and technology that goes into making each sporting gun. Today, Umarex continues to break ground in the shooting sports industry by pursuing patented inventions and creating new products that deliver exceptional performance and quality. You could say Umarex is Focused on Target.

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Few brands are owned by family owned companies anymore, but that's not the case here. We are family owned. Our owners believe in family values and encourage us to provide you, our customer, with recreational products you, your family, and friends can use to enjoy and experience the wild outdoors. Check out our vast offering: Axeon Optics, Umarex Airguns Exude Lights, Elite Force Airsoft, Rekt Dart Launchers, and T4E Training.


Wulf-Heinz Pflaumer & Franz Wonisch are working on a venture that would come to be called Umarex


Umarex acquires world renowned arms manufacturer Carl Walther.


RUAG Ammotec USA, a US distributor of RWS air rifles, is purchased by PW Intl GmbH, moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas and renamed to Umarex USA.


Umarex USA expands air rifle line with the introduction of Ruger, Walther, and Hammerli.


Umarex USA continues to grow doubling sales over 2008 and breaks ground on a new facility.


Umarex USA moves into a new manufacturing and warehouse facility at Chaffee Crossing in Fort Smith, Arkansas.


Umarex USA welcomes Walther Arms to their campus in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and breaks ground on a 7 million dollar warehouse expansion.


Umarex USA introduces the UX mark. The UX is incorporated into airguns and marketing materials creating a powerful mark that is eye-catching and memorable.


While Umarex remains the "King of Replicas" in airguns, its patented technology like the safety system and dual round magazine of the Umarex Hammer coupled with modern-day air filling solutions and unique optic intellectual properties insures Umarex continues to be zeroed in.